Primaries equipments and layouts

Functional space saving layout and flexible attitude allow full response to any customers` requirements as concerns specifications and capacity.

Dismantling lines (cases and jute bale opener) and robot

Storage conveyors

Mechanical vertical slicers

Direct conditioning and casing cylinders

Mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems

Pneumatic heavy particles classifiers

Feeders, gravity feed pipes and electronic weight belts

Vibrating sieves

Vibratory conveyors

Steaming tunnels and Steam pipes

Casing cylinder

Top flavoring cylinders

Blending, bulking, pile seeking and stem soaking silos

Metal detectors

Cutters ( for lamina and stem) and cutters feeders

Expansion tunnels

Drying cylinders

Band and vibro coolers

Stem moistening cylinders

Steam pipes (for stem)

Stem flatteners

Stem expansion tunnels

Feeders with dumper

Orbital vibro feeders and pneumatic feeding to makers

Pneumatic and hydraulic pack off stations for cut filler tobacco

Cardboard stackers and pallets de-stackers

Laboratory cutters

Complete lamina expansion plant

Exhaust air treatment

Control panels and process control system

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