Reconstituted tobacco equipments and layouts

Functional space saving layout and  flexible attitude allow full response to any customers` requirements as concerns specifications and capacity.

Feeders with dumper

Screw conveyors

Loss in weight feeders

Heavy particle separator

Negative pneumatic transport

Sparks detector system

Hammer mills

Drying screw conveyor and drying cylinders

Fine impact mill

Orbital sieving and de-sanding machines

Ribbon blenders

High intensity mixing machines (for dry product)

High intensity mixing machines (for wet tobacco and slurry)

Solution preparation and application storage tanks

Solution heat exchangers and application system

Roll coater machines for slurry application (for cast tobacco)

Rolls laminators (for laminated tobacco)

Slurry main dryers with steam pans and hot air impingement

Secondary dryers with hot air impingement

Chevron cutters

Belt conveyors and Rollers Conveyors

Pneumatic and hydraulic pack off stations for cut reconstituted tobacco

Control panels and process control system

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